Vitruviant Features & Packages

Vitruviant by Poliquin Group has been designed to deliver results. We offer solutions for corporations, multi-trainer facilities, personal trainers, strength coaches and individuals looking for a training advantage.

For our certified members (PICP Coaches and PoliquinTM BioSignature Practitioners), we offer Structural Balance and PoliquinTM BioSignature Assessment tools.

Vitruviant- Corporate & Multi-Trainer

The Vitruviant Corporate & Multi-Trainer software allows large gyms with multiple locations and gyms with multiple trainers to seamlessly manage their clients and trainers from one place.

Vitruviant - Trainer

The Vitruviant Trainer software is ideal for individual personal trainers and strength coaches as well as anyone who wants to create their own programs (reword). Trainers are able to easily create workouts and monitor their client's progress.

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The Poliquin Difference:

We don't have opinions about what works to make the human body perform better. We have facts. Thirty years of robust data has given us a unique understanding of what works.

Attaining your personal goals or goals for your clients can often be simple. But is is never easy. Knowing what to do is critical to getting the results you want. Vitruviant by The Poliquin Group gives you that tool.